Hi. I'm Bryan Burgers. But you already figured that out.

I make websites.

And ExpressionEngine add-ons. I'm the author of Blocks and the co-author of EE Twitter, Video Link, Switch, Max Length, and others.

I also write about the web.

From time to time, I even write children's books.

Let's talk. I hang out as @bryanburgers on Twitter. And as Bryan Burgers on Google+. GitHub too. Oh, and email, we can't forget email, since I bought this domain for the cool email address: bryan@burgers.io.

Recent articles

Javascript's async and await are finally here, and they aren't just a bit of syntactic sugar. They can significantly increase the readability of code.

JSON is good at a lot of things, which led me to think it's great for configuration files. But it's not. YAML is the way to go.

Facebook's using it. Twitter too. Slack. And, now iOS 10. The metadata on your website is getting more important.

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