Baby Fox Goes Camping

About a year ago, my wife and I had a crazy idea to write a children's book for our daughter. Even crazier, I decided to illustrate it.

Just recently, we finally finished it and had it self-published. Enjoy the book in its entirety below. And if you really like it, get it on for a child in your life.

Cover: Baby Fox Goes Camping

Baby Fox Goes Camping, by Bryan & Katie Burgers.

Pages 2-3: Title page
Pages 4-5: Baby Fox loading the truck

"Baby fox, baby fox
are you ready to smile?
Let's go down to the lake
and go camp for a while,"

Momma fox said as they
packed up the truck,
"We'll be camping by breakfast
if we have any luck."

Pages 6-7: Baby Fox setting up the tent

They laid out the tarp
and they set up the tent,
the one with the poles
droopy, twisted, and bent.

Pages 8-9: Baby Fox sliding down the slide

Then off to the park,
it was time for a ride.
He climbed up the ladder
and flew down the slide.

Pages 10-11: Baby Fox swinging on a swing

While on the big swingset,
he soard up so high,
and a big push from daddy fox
meant he could fly.

Pages 12-13: Baby Fox building a sandcastle

At the lake and the beach,
there was much to explore.
He ran through the waves
as they splashed on the shore.

Pages 14-15: Baby Fox and Daddy Fox riding bikes

He hopped on his bike
and he pedaled like mad.
He was cruising so fast,
spinning faster than dad.

Pages 16-17: Baby Fox and Daddy Fox hiking

It was time for adventure,
so they hiked the rough trail.
They saw birds, little insects,
and even a snail.

Pages 18-19: Baby Fox making a s'more

Graham crackers, marshmallows,
chocolate galore,
and a fire for roasting,
let's have a s'more.

Pages 20-21: Baby Fox snuggling by Momma fox by the fire

Baby fox sat
by the warm, glowing fire
but after his day
he was just far too tired.

Safe in mom's arms,
snug in jammies and socks,
what a fun trip
for that young baby fox.

Pages 22-23: Baby Fox in the tent

As he laid in the tent
beneath the bright moon,
a sleepy fox asked,
"Can we camp again soon?"